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Karst Spring Emerging from Waitomo Caves by anthonylibrarian on Flickr.
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Hungry Horse, Montana
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Megan [06.26.14] by Andrew H Wagner
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Hold Yourself unto God
Thinking that the Lord is not around anymore because we do not see His power at work in a spectacular form, we usually tend to look up to people around us to ensure that we get to the place we want. If it is not other people, we totally rely on ourselves to ensure that our plans see the light of day. However being human as we are, nothing is certain and usually our hasty nature leads us to make un-wise decisions that could potentially lead us to trouble in the long run.
Although we may not visibly see the power of the Lord at work, God is busy at work in our lives, gradually unfolding the plan that He has for us. The time of God is unlike ours and He knows the time and place when all things should come to be. 
As Christians, let us be faithful to the promises that God has made us and keep our faith knowing that God will work out the best in our lives to lead us to the kind of place and position that God truly believes will help us reflect Him through and through.
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It’s like I can’t eat any foods or liquids when I have canker sores. Nor can I engage in conversation with people.. Rather frustrating to be honest.

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Beware the Dog by the Griswolds
This has been such a great jam for me lately and so I decided to do something new to show how much I loved the song. Took me a little over 3 hours to finish this one. I like how it turned out on my first go.
If you haven’t heard (or seen) the song, you definitely should. listen to it. It is sure to keep you pumped! You can check it out here.
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F1160017 by Simon Cast on Flickr.
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